Come watch the extreme stunts ON MY 41TH TOURING Season of performing



    (20 performances booked as of 4/9)


 May 19 Outer Banks Speedway

              Creswell, NC

             (4 Big Stunts)


We performed 6 stunts during the coarse of the nite in between the brakets of the drag racing. The first 3 stunts were as follows. A motorcycle barrier crash performed bt Loe The Rocket Re of Long Island who drove thru 4 solided wooden barrier that was blazing. Than Crash Moreau attempted a Double Steel Wall Crash with the second car landing on his. he drove off with the car still sitting on his. The next was once again The Rocket this time jumping ramp to ground over the top of 2 cars and a line of blazing gasoline that was poured on the ground. Later Crash performed an exploding Torpedo Crash, Rocky Hardcore performed The Car Explosion and Firewalk and than jumped into a junker auto and performed a divebomber crash. This was his first time to explode his car in midair into a ball of fire. As he went over a couple of catch cars before landing on the third car. Raw gas fell onto the other cars setting them on fire. During the coase of the night we had burnt up 8 of 11 cars.



              Thompson, CT

              (Spectacular Stunt)

I performed two stunts during the coarse of the night. The first stunt started the night off as I jumped a stock automobile off a small ramp and thru the side of a motorhome. With a very small explosion I landed into the front yard of the camper and kepted on going. Later this evening I performed the car explosion and firewalk to the delight of the thousands of spectators at this event.


May 28   Thompson International Speedway (rain date)

              Thompson, CT



              Jolitte, IL

              (3 Car Steel Wall)

This evening I performed a Four Car Steel Wall Crash to open the night of Destruction to a large crowd at the Speedway.  Last year I did a triple Steel Wall so this year we had to do one better. The crowd really injoyed this smashing stunt.




             FAIRMONT, Minnesota

                  (1 Stunt)

On this night I brought in Rocky Hardcore my friend to perform the Car Explosion and Firewalk for the enjoyment of the many Minnosotians that came out to the races. It was a hot time.




             ALGONA, Iowa

                  (1 stunt)

The night after we were at Fairmont raceway, I performed a Torpedo Crash with Rocky setting off the explosions. I took a pick-up truck that was still licensed and drove it thru the stack of cars. After the races were over I started the truck up and drove it off. The only damaged to the front off the truck was one of the front bumpers got dented. There was only an inch clearance for the truck to go under the top cars.


June 10  I-35 SPEEDWAY

              Mason City, Iowa

                  (1 stunt)

On Sunday night with 3 days of sunny weather I performed a Double Steel Wall Crash to the amazement of the fans. Everyone thought this was the best of the 3 stunts that we performed this week-end.



               Northeast, PA 

                (5 Big Stunts)

For the third year we performed at the Lake Erie Speedway with all different stunts. The first stunt of the night was Rocket Re's firery boardwall crash on his motorcycle. Than the Rocket changed his cycles and came out and jumped over 3 burning cars and feeling how good this jump went he jumped the cars for a second time. Amazing!!! Than I attempted to execute a Triple Steel Wall Crash. I flipped two over the car I was driving but the third landed on me. The falling car pushed the roof down lowere than the dashboard on the drivers side. Next Rocky performed a double swinging door stunt and it was a hot time as the fire department could not get the burning cars out. During the night events Rocky performed a 20 Barrel (Barrel Crash) Fire, Fire, everywheres Some thought this could have been the best act of the night. Next I attempted to perform an old fashion T-bone crash but didn't flip over as I was a little short on speed. But it did look good as the car was crumbled and I got lots of air. The last stunt of the night was a small divebomber with a twist. Rock was the driver of this Ford Escort Wagon but we had a boat involved. We did not have a trailer for the boat so we tied onto the roof of the Wagon this big boat. Rocky drove around the track and up the ramp perfectly. As he landed on the cars the boat was launched and went sailing down the track.



              Lebanon, NY

                           (3 Big Stunts)

At present I forgot what I did for stunts this night but I do remember the featured act with Rocky Hardcore. This night I set up Rocky to Jump a Wrecker off an 8 foot high dirt pile landing into a row of parked junk cars. With an added twist he was towing behind his truck a pink cadilac which had the trunk on fire. To make things worse it had started to rain on this clay track and was very slippery. Rocky got the speed up and did a perfect jump with a giant explosion going off as he hit the ramp. Boy did we have a pile of cars burnt up on this night.





             ONA,  WV

              KSR Monster Truck Show

This was a very bad day to put on a show as most people have plans for this day, but to make matters worse there was sevier storm warnings issued for this evening. The sks darkened after the show began and I did get to do a Steel Wall Crash before the down pour started. It rainned so hard that everyone left just as I was to do the car explosion than it would let up and than start over. Finally they wanted me to do the explosion which I did not do as I had disarmed all my explosives and a good thing as they all were wet and would have misfired and my only protection with the fire truck had left so this act was dropped.



              Plattsburg, NY

              (Car Explosion & Firewalk)

After flying all day from the rainny day before. I got into the Speedway around 3 o'clock to set up numerous stunts for the 6 PM show.  That night I performed a Torpedo Crash and a steel wall crash. Later I performed the car explosion and firewalk. I also set up a trailer trash for a local driver to go thru with pyros going off. The one thing we over looked was the steel plate that was put on the dirt pile had a hook that was setting up which caught thecar as it went over it preventing him from going completely thry the trailer. For luck was on his side as he did make 75% of the car was out of the burning inferno. Also on the bill was Mike West and Megasaurus.



                 Proctorville OH

I performed with the Imperial Stunt Drivers at this show with the lead car in 4 car hell driving and a firewalk.



              North East, PA  

              KSR Monster Truck Show

                      (1 Spectacular Stunt)

I performed a car explosion and firewalk. On the bill was legendary Big Foot and Snake Bite.



               North East, PA  

               KSR Monster Truck Show

                       (1 Spectacular Stunt)

Another car explosion and firewalk during this night of

monster truck racing on a cold and wet night


July 18      FAIR

                 Carrolton, OH

I performed the human fire torch (fire walk) with the Imperial Hell Drivers.


July 20      Vermont (Show Cancelled)

                 KSR MONSTER TRUCK SHOW


July 20    Syracuse, NY (Summer National Car Show)

               Imperial Stunt Drivers

I performed in 4 car precission hell driving as the leader of the 4 car pack than in the second half of the shows presentation I executed my famous firewalk. After the show the flame throwers came out with their cars and boy could they shoot out the flames. Some as high as 50 plus feet into the air.



              Harrington, DE           

              KSR Monster Truck Show

                        (2 Big Stunts)

We open the show with a single steel wall crash and went right into a swinging door to the amazment of the SRO crowd for this monster truck show. Later I rocked the house with my car explosion and firewalk. We held back on the amount of gas used as we were not supose to use fire or explosions in the show because of severe drout conditions in the state.



July 24  FAIR

             Portland, IN

I performed in 4 car precission driving driving the lead spot, than later I did my famous firewalk.



             Ionia, MI

Once again I drove lead car in 4 car precission driving and firewalk.



             Jolitte, IL

             (Car Explosion & Firewalk)

On this night I had my friend Rocky Hardcore perform the firewalk for me as we were pressed for time to do the actduring the night of the team destruction event. I set up the act with numerous charges. We even blew off the truck lid and hood. The concussion was bad inside of the car which knocked Rocky from the backseat area to under the dashboard. He did come out on fire and the crowd went wild. The spectators could feel the heat from the explosion and thought we were insane to do this act. This was the third time we have done this act at 66.

Aug 2    FAIR

              Caldonia, NY

Lead car of 4 car hell driving and a hot fire walk with the Imperial Stunt Drivers.


             Clearfield, PA

I performed the firewalk at the noon time show in front of the grandstand with the Imperial Stunt Drivers as the grounds crew had to set up after the show for the nights performance of Meat Loaf.


             Honesdale, PA

Another easy night of only performing the human fire walk with the Imperial Stunt Drivers.


             Millhall, PA

This was one hot day which kept a lot of people away from the fair. I performed  only one stunt this night which was the firewalk.


           Sussex, Branchville, NJ

Tonight I performed my car explosion and firewalk for Pat Suma's Monster Truck Show. Boy did everyone hear the explosion all over the fair grounds and than saw a cloud of black smoke billowing over the area. Everyone was asking, "What blew up?"


              Honesdale, PA          

              KSR Monster Truck Show

                         (2 Big Stunts)

Once again we performed a single steel wall crash into a swinging door. This time we had an explosion go off. The condition of the arena was some what complacated as it was a sloppy mess of mud and water as the area had lots of rain. Later in the show I also did a car explosion and firewalk for the delight of the spectators.





             Malone, NY

             KSR Monster Truck Show

I performed only one stunt for this afternoon show which was a car explosion and firewalk. A great explosion and fireball. My only problem was when I came out of the car the wind was blowing just right and the flames wrapped around me and singed a few hairs. My picture made the front page of one of the local area's newspaper along with Big Foot.



             Windsor, ME

On this night with the Imperial Stunt Drivers I performed a Roll-over Crash and worked as Crash O'Dare the daredevil clown.


             Windsor, ME

This night I drove my regular slot in 4 car hell driving and performed a Steel Wall Crash.


            SPRINGFIELD, ME

We were rained out. About 6 o'clock the rains came in for the second time today and the track had so much water on it that it would be impossible to do a good show. This would have been the closet performance to my home town of Lincoln in over 15 years.

Sept 1  BLUEHILL FAIR (2 shows)

With 2 shows this day I performed my regular stunts of lead car in 4 car precission hell driving and firewalk stunt. This was the first time that my daughter Shasta saw me perform in more than 5 years. She also had the opertunity to ride in the third car with Paul Riddell in 4 car to see what it is like in the middle of the pack of high speeding cars that are bumper to bumper.



               Stoneboro, PA

After along drive of over 800 miles and being the second person to arrive on the lot even after stopping to see 3 carnivals and a circus on Sunday. We set up for the night show which was a regular 2 stunt night for me.

Sept 4     FAIR 

               Ebensburg, PA

With a day of to go 100 miles or so I went to 3 more fairs on that day. I was the last end but got to the grounds just as everyone was getting up. It was a hot day and had to strip the cars for the night show which I did my two usual acts. Now I have about 10 days off to get to Fayetteville, TN while the rest of the show went to Ontario. In the mean time I went to Jake Plumsteads Memorial Service in New Jersey as he had passed away the weekend before and had known Jake for many, many years. Than headed to Tenn and on my way saw many carnival set-ups and a few circus presentations.

Sept 15   FAIR

              Fayetteville, TN

I got to the fairgrounds the day  before and boy was the lot wet as they had lots of rain. I found the junkers and got them ready and went to another fair that night. The next day the show arrived and we got everything ready for the nights show. This was a different type of place to play as the grandstand was right in the turn of the horse track. A few years before the Hollywood Stunt Show played the fair and did there show on the straight away where no one could see the show this time we played to the grandstand. But we had a 1248 mile drive that night so we had to start on time but everyone tried to get us to go on late as they had a mule contest that dragged on until after 7:30 and a mini tractor pull that started late and didn't even get half over before we told them to stop so the show could go on. They didn't like this one bit and after the show they started up again to only a couple hundred people watching where we had a sell-out crowd. The order of the show changed as I drove the second car, than did the firewalk and ended up doing a Steel wall Crash in a small area with no run off place to go incase I needed it.


               Rochester, NH

After driving 1248 miles with only one day off and now being short handed on help by two people we ended up doing the complete show in the coldest weather of the year.  I drove  second car, performed my firewalk this time after blowing the car up which everyone could hear all over the fairgrounds and did a single steel wall crash.


              Rochester, NH

The weather was still cold but not like the year before when it rainned for over half the show. I did the same stunts as the night before and everyone talked about the explosion and noise from the night before. I quess this night was even louder. We loaded up and now it was another 750 plus mile drive to Dover, Ohio.

Sept 20  FAIR

             Dover, OH

This is the last show of the year for the Imperial Stunt Drivers. We played to an all most packed grandstand and by far the largest crowd of the fair so far this year. I performed in 4 car once again, than did my car explosion and firewalk and followed up with a steel wall crash. Bill Dominick came out to this show and drove in 4 car and finnally did a roadblock crash. His first crash since working for the Hollywood Stunt Show. The next day I drove Tonny Petersen's ski truck to Winston / Salemn NC and rode back to Dover to pick up my car and headed home by the long way of visiting more fairs and circuses.

You can find my reviews on circuses at WWW.CIRCUSREVUE.COM
and my carnival visits at WWW.CARNIVALREVUE.COM



"GET'R'DONE TOUR II"      (22 performances  - 1 cancelled)

The 2006 Schedule and Results

May    28       Thompson Int'l Speedway    

                      Thompson, Ct




Sunday night, Crash Moreau jumped succesfully, a mini-school bus thru two travel trailers. There was not much left of the two travel trailers after Crash flew thru them. The impact of the landing scrambled his marbles and 24 hours later he still doesn't remember everything but he did find his way home with a real soar right shoulder and stiff next. This act was filmed for an up coming AWARD PRODUCTION'S documentary on Hell Drivers

May    29       (Rain Date) Thompson, Ct


June   9         Jennerstown Speedway

                     Jennerstown, PA 


Wildman Al was replaced by Rocky Hardcore,

Lou Rocket Re was on the card.


On Friday night before the start of the show a heavy rain storm rolled thru the speedway. After the rains stopped it turned mighty cold and blustery. Wildman Al was replaced by Rocky Hardcore Hauri of Michigan who did a supperb job. Al had the excuse that he thought it was the following week. We performed 7 stunts that night. First Lou the Rocket crashed thru 4 wooden walls partially on fire as the winds blew out the flames than he jumped his motorcycle over 25 feet of fire and flamed that at one time completely engulfed him in flames. Rocky did two seperate flaming steel wall crashes the first a single than he performed a flaming swinging door steel wall. Crash performed his dooms day chair and than his famous torpedo crash. Rocky ended the night with a long divebomber crash.



June 10         Lake Erie Speedway

                     North East, PA   


Wildman Al was replaced by Rocky Hardcore

For the second year in a row the Thrillmasters entertained the spectators with 7 exciting stunts. First Lou the Rocket performed a 4 wooden barrier crash on his motorcycle (this time the wind did not blow out the flames). Crash performed the torpedo crash with a convertible.



June 17         Airborne Speedway 

                     Plattsburg, NY  

(A 15 Car Pyramid Crash)

Rocky Hardcore attempted a 15 car pryimd crash but as he hit the ramp the top second dissentagraded into a pile of splinters and landed way short of his target. After backing the car out of the bottom of the pile very carefully he attempted the act once again this time after sticking the pieces of the ramp back into place the best we could he did get the car to fly a little better and this time most of the explosions went off. The start of the show that night was when Crash performed a swinging door steel wall crash.


June 20         Lebanon Valley Speedway

                     West Lebanon, NY  

(What will they do this time?) 3BIG STUNTS

Wildman Al was replaced by Rocky Hardcore
to perform the featured stunt.

This show was without Wildman Al as we replaced him with Rocky Hardcore of Michigan. We started the night of after terrentail rains in the afternoon that made everything muddy and the start later. The first stunt was a car explosion and body burn by Rocky. To make this act different Rocky drove the car out onto the track and exploded it. Than Crash performed a Flaming Steel wall Crash going into a flaming ground swinging door stunt. To top the show off that night Rocky drove a Motorhome off a 7 foot high dirtpile landing some 65 feet away into a line off parked junker autos. But to make this more spectacular he was towing a trailer with a good size boat on it. WHAT A SPECTACULAR JUMP with explosions. (Award Productions filmed these fine acts)



June 24         Garden City, Minnesota

9-Toes Production at Fairgrounds


Crash met the Minnesota famed stuntman who he had heard about for years. Crash performed a few of his in a very small arena . His first act was a single Steel Wall Crash than it was his Torpedo Stunt than a small divebomber crash. Nine Toes performed 10 flaming walls of fire for a record on his Harley. The last stunt of the show did not go off as planned as there was a malfuntion in an electrical cord that was found by Crash. The act was a car explosion with 3 stuntmen in side of the car that was going to be on fire.



                    Smithton, Pa

                    KSR Motorsports

This show was cancelled because of the heavy flooding in Pa. At present time this show has not been rescheduled.



July   3        Ransomville Speedway    

                   Ransomville, NY


Special Guest Daredevil - ROCKY HARDCORE



July 15         Eagle Raceway 

                    Eagle, Nebraska 

(3stunts) featuring a 3 car domino crash


(Award productions will be filming this first show)

Crash started the night off with his Dooms Day Chair blowing himself up out of the cardboard and tin foil structure with a pound of explosives 18 inches from his head.  Later Crash performed a triple steel wall crash with the third car landing on his trunk than rolling off his roof. What a tremendus automobile crash. We ended the night with Rocky performing a car explosion and firewalk. When the car exploded the VIP quest in the tower felt the heat from the explosion thru the glass windows. Everyone was worried about Rocky as he sat in the car for along time before coming out the back of a Jeep Wagon before taking his firery walk.



July 19         Eagle Raceway 

                    Eagle, Nebraska 

(3stunts) featuring a leap of a garbage truck

ROCKY HARDCORE & CRASH will be performing.

Crash started the first stunt of the night with his Torpedo Crash. Rocky came back with his Flaming Swinging Door steel Wall Crash. At the end of the night. Rocky jumped a full size garbage truck off a 10 foot high dirt pile and ended when the truck tipped over onto it's side. Not one person left the grandstand after the races ended as everyone stayed to watck this Hardcore stunt and the out come. He walked away from a great stunt.


July 23         STATE FAIR    Harrington, Del.

                    KSR Motorsports

Crash performed a side by side Flaming Steel Wall Crash (swinging door) stunt in the beginning of the monster truck show. Crash was a little worried as one of the standing cars had a little gas tank leak in it and the other car had a motor stuck in place upside down as you could see after the car was standing up the valve covers were on the bottom and nothing holding it in, but the out come did not matter After the intermission Crash performed his Captain Explosion Exploding Car and Firewalk stunt.  Also on the bill was tommy quad, Doug Danger and Rocket Re

July 28         Fair  Gouverneur, NY 

                    KSR Motorsports

(Car Explosion & Firewalk)

Crash ended the night with a loud car explosion and firewalk. After the show while walking down the midway everyone was saying "Great Show" and calling me Flameman.


AUG 2         MORRIS, NY   FAIR

                    DOUG DANGER SHOW

Crash performed 3 acts. First a lay down Swinging Door than a Sigle Steel Wall Crash, finally a car explosion and firewalk. After the firewalk I was so tired that the ambulance crew thought I might be having a heart attack and was worried about me as I did an extra long run and i had been out in 103 degree tempature all day setting up the acts.


AUG  5         ROUTE 66 SPEEDWAY  

                    JOLIET, ILL


Crash started the night off with a triple steel wall crash and the steering column came loose from the dash board  on impact from the second car and boy was it hard to steer with the steering wheel in your lap. Awhile later Crash set up a car for the car explosion and Rocky hardcore sat inside the car than came out on fire performing the firewalk.


Aug11          Fair Honesdale, Pa. 

                    KSR Motorsports

Crash performed a Swinging Door Steel Wall Crash to start the show off to a sold out crowd. Later he rocked the place with his exploding car and firewalk stunt.


Aug 13        Oxford Plains Speedway

                   Oxford, Maine 

                   3 BIG STUNTS including

(School Bus Crash & Travel Trailor Trashing Events)

Crash only performed 2 out of the 3 stunts. He performed his Torpedo Crash with a little fire and the last thing of the afternoon was a trailer trash that was cut up so bad the trailer didn't even come apart. Because of one man who cried to the track owner we could not use gas on the track or performed the School bus Steel wall Crash as this one person figured it was a safety issue to do this act. His name is Jimmy V and he has no knowledge of stunt work but knows everything about safety. So the people of Maine was robbed of seeing a great stunt because of one mans opinion.


Aug 15       Fair  New Castle, Pa.  

                      The Legends Stunt Show 

Crash will perform 3 stunts in the show.

Crash started the night off with his Torpedo Crash and than a Single Steel Wall Crash later he performed his car explosion and firewalk under his trademarl name of Captain Explosion. During the first part of the night he was Crash O'Dare the daredevil clown as he brought out his  clown uniform for the documentary film crew from Award Productions.


Aug 17        Walton, NY  Fair

                   KSR MOTOTORSPORTS

Crash performed the car explosion at the end of the show with a firewalk.


Aug 31       Fair  Van Wert, Oh. 

                      The Legends Stunt Show

Crash will perform 4 stunts in the show.

Crash performed 3 acts this night. He started off with a single steel wall crash and than performed his Dooms Day Chair. Only part of his explosion went off as the extra loud bang that he uses did not go off. It was a dud but the chair did blow apart. Later he performed a divebomber auto crash. The show was filmed for the documentary that has been following shows around the country this season. All night long there was a steady drizzle to complicate this show than a 500 plus mile overnight jump.


Sept 1        Fair  Gilbert, PA 

                  KSR MOTORSPORTS SHOW 

Sept 18      Rochester, NH  (Fair)

Crash drove lead car in 4 car precission hell driving on the Imperial Stunt Drivers Show.


Sept 19      Rochester, NH  (Fair)

Crash drove the lead car in 4 car. Just before the show started their was a little rain coming down about 20 minutes into the show it started to come down hard. The show went on and I performed a Steel Wall Crash in the down pour. I was lucky as I had a winshield and wipers in the junk car I drove.