2005 Schedule & RESULTS


 (34 performances  -  4 cancelled)

MAY 28    Wyoming County Fair Grounds, PA    KSR MONSTER TRUCK SHOW with CAPTAIN EXPLOSIONS FIREWALK. This performance was rained out with a rain date the following evening which we got in. Crash rolled a stock auto 4 times and performed his Captain Explosion Dynamite Car. The concussion from the blast was felt in the sound box high above the track vibrating the windows. As hot as he was the volunteer firemen on hand was very surprised that Crash did not cinged any hair.

June 21   Lebanon Valley Speedway  West Lebanon, New York with 2 BIG STUNTS . Crash and Wildman Al will perform 2 spectacular stunts for this performance. Undecided just what they will be but at present they will be flying an old hurst and demolishing a junk school bus.

With excellant weather for the nights performance the Thrillmasters atempted 3 stunts during the night. The first stunt was a wild areial domino crash performed  by Wildman Al. Landing upside down he was a little shakin up. The second stunt of the night was performed by Crash Moreau who drove an old school bus underneath a second bus that was standing on it's rear end. Crash drove completely under the bus and kept on driving all around the track. The most spectacular stunt of the night. The last stunt of the night was Wildman Al leap of a hurst who only could jump at best 40 feet off a 6 foot high dirt pile. A big let down on what should have been a spectacular stunt, as he cleared 77 feet of the same size ramp a year ago in a garbage truck.

July 2     Lake Erie Speedway   Northeast, PA  with 5 BIG STUNTS. Crash Moreau and Wildman Al will be performing at least 5 spectacular stunts for this performance.

The weather was warm and ended a little cool on July 2 but the stunts were hot. First up, Wildman Al attempted to roll a car wheel to wheel but after 4 tries he only could put it on the roof but the crowd enjoyed the crash. Up next was Crash Moreau that did a spectacular Steel Wall Crash while driving a convertible. After intermission the Thrillmasters came back with wildman performing the CAPTAIN EXPLOSION Dynamite Car with burn. Loud explosions and a ball of fire. The next act was a 3-HIGH TORPEDO CRASH done by Crash with a firery explosion as he went thru the stack os 4 cars. Final act of the night was performed by Wildman Al as he flew a stock auto thru the side of a camper trailor as Crash exploded pyro in and around the trailor. Other stunts that was performed but not by the THRILLMASTERS was a car burn by Mike West with his jet owered JEEP and a 3 car flaming roller skate jump by the only man ever to jump cars on skates (not roller blades) Tricky Travelstead. The stunt ended on a bad note as Tricky was hospitalized with a broken wrist and a broken lower vertibre that needed surgery. Hoping he has a speedy recovery. Next its off to do a show with the Imperial Stunt Drivers on July 8th at Brooksfield Fair New York.

JULY 8   Brooksfield Fair,  Brooksfield, New York with the Imperial Stunt Drivers. (RAINED OUT)

July 9     Columbus Motor Speedway  Columbus, Ohio   Crash will attempt a 3 car STEEL WALL CRASH during the regular race track racing program. Crash performed a 3 car submarine domino crash to the amazement of the race spectators.

July 10  Paulding Fair  Paulding, Ohio  Crash will appear with the Imperial Stunt Drivers. Crash was seen driving a new Ford Mustang in 4 car precission driving, than set himself on fire with an ending that was not the best as the firemen could not put him out as one extingusher was empty, and later in the show he did his first sidewinder crash in over 5 years, the ending was a 4 point roll.

July 15 & 16   Bradford Fair  Bradford, Vermont  with KSR's MONSTER TRUCK SHOW. Crash performed the Dynamite Car with firewalk on both nights. The sound of the explosion startled the concessionares on the midway. A few people heard the blast over a mile away. It was the featured act of the night.

July 21   Allageny County Fair    Angellica, New York   with KSR's EXTREME MOTORSPORTS SHOW with 2 BIG STUNTS. Crash Moreau will be performing his Captain Explosion's Dynamite Car and possibly a car roll-over crash. Crash did a Stel Wall Crash opening the evening performance than did a small divebomber crash into the pile of cars for the monster trucks. Later he performed the dynamite car with a firewalk.

July 23   Route 66 Speedway  Joliet Ill   with CAR EXPLOSION. Crash set up the dynamite car and had Rocky Hauri perform the firewalk from the exploding car. When the explosion went off in the sea of mud from the team demolition pit the trunk lid flew at least 30 feet into the air. Flames blew over 30 feet straight up. The  12,000 plus spectators roared their aprroval. What a tremendous performance.

July 24    Fair   Jefferson ,Indiana  Crash will appear with the Imperial Stunt Drivers. Crash performed the a sidewinder crash and did precission driving in a brand new Mustang Auto. It was a show that was performed at 5PM in the tempature of 95 plus degrees and high humities.

July 25    Fair   Fort Ashby, WV with the Stunt Drivers After a 580 mile drive over night Crash performed the same acts as the night before in the heat and treatning skies as there was severe thunder storms in the area but none came by our way

July 28    Fair    Kansas City, KS with the Stunt Drivers. Crash performed his precission driving and sidewinder crash in a rodeo arena.

July 30    Fair    Sac City, Iowa with the Stunt Drivers. Crash performed a steel wall crash and precission driving on the first horse track in weeks.

July 31    Fair    Mendon, Illinois with the Stunt Drivers. Another rodeo arena and the same acts as before sidewinder and precission.

Aug 3    Cattaraus County Fair Little Valley, New York   with the Legends Stunt Show. Crash started the show off where others leave off with his legendary stunt of the steel wall crash, than into the Doom's Day Chair and later it was a roll-over.

Aug 6   Morris Fair    Morris, New York    with the Legends Stunt Show. Crash started the night off with a steel wall than performed the Dooms Day Chair and later in the show he rolled a stock auto 2 times.

Aug 12    Fair (2 shows) Honesdale, Pa with the Stunt Drivers.  We had two shows this day, I drove 3 car hell driving in both shows and also did a sidewinder crash in both. During the time between shows there was a thunder show that came thru and made the track a little tricky to drive on but the track was OK to do the show on as the fair takes a lot of credit for up keeping their track.

Aug 14     Fair   Malone, NY with the Stunt Drivers. We  did our regular show and when it was time for the crash portion of the show we had 9 junkers donated by Mike Jock who has furnished cars for the hell drivers for many many years. We started with a 3 car steel wall cras, than latter I did a sidewinder crash. Tobie and Derrick rolled and for the fannally Tobie did a spectacular Fireball divebomber crash. Everyone afterwoods said ther was more action in the show than the  years of the HOLLYWOOD STUNT SHOW.

Aug 16   New Castle Fair   New Castle, Pa   with the Legends Stunt Show.  I performed a single steel wall crash, blew myself up in the Dooms Day Chair and ended with a 2 high torpedo crash with bombs only on the ground.

Aug 17    Speedway  Larfargeville, NY with the Stunt Drivers.    I did my regular 2 stunts this night. Precission driving and a sidewinder crash.

Aug 18     Thunder Road Speedway   Barrie, VT with the Stunt Drivers. Once again I did my two acts this night. The show was rushed as we had to do the whole show in 40 minutes between races and only went 5 minutes over, It took us over two hours to leace the track as their is only 1 lane of traffic leaving out of the track and their was over 7,000 spectators there plus all the racecars leaving at once.

Aug 19     Fair    Westport, NY with the Stunt Drivers. The same two acts this time the sidewinder didn't even flip. it was a big car with no power steering and when it hit the ground it blew the front tire and didn't flip. Thiswas the narrowest track we have played in many years.

Aug 31     Windsor Fair   Windsor, Maine  with the Stunt Drivers. The show will be filmed for Maine's #1 local program "Bill Green's Maine" which features Maine people doing different things. This will be on Maine's two daredevil stunt performers Crash Moreau and Tobie Thibadeau. We did not get filmed today as the weather was wet and damp but the show was done with a small crowd on the very wet track. I did the regular precission driving and rolled a junker auto.

Sept 1       Windsor Fair   Windsor, Maine with the Stunt Drivers. Tonites show was much better as the weather all day was nice. Bill Green filmed the show and took a wild ride at over 70mph in 2 car hell driving riding with Tonni Petersen who was following Paul. Later Bill rode with Tonni in Hi-skiis and went tottally around the 1/2 mile track. I performed in 4 car hell-driving driving the second spot and attempted a sidewinder crash instead of rolling the car stuck into my catch car and only landed on it's side. I finally brought out my flowered helmit for this show.

Sept 3       Blue Hill Fair (2 shows) Blue Hill, Me with the Stunt Drivers. I performed in both shows with hell-driving and roll a junker at each show. In the afternoon performance I brought out my feathered helmit and the feathered flew all around in the wind. During the night show I once again used my flowered helmit.

Sept 7        Junanita County Fair  Port Royal, Pa with the Stunt Drivers. We performed this show in memory of the late Pete Groce and Butch Reddinger both who lived in the area and died in receant years. Relatives for both was in attendance. I drove in 4 car hell-driving in the dust from the track was so bad we could not see the track for minutes at a time. Later in the show I got 1 and a half roll off the catch car on my sidewinder. The steering wheel got my left leg in the roll and for the next week I could hardly use my leg as it was in pain. But nothing was broke.

Sept 9       Fair   Kenton, Ohio with the Stunt Drivers. I was hoping to see a few friends at the fair but they never came over. I did my driving with a sore leg and attempted a sidewinder and it only stuck into the catch car.

Oct 5         Fair     Coshockton, Ohio with the Stunt Drivers. This was the last performance of the year for the imperial Stunt Drivers. We performed to a full house as this was the first time in years that the fair has had a stunt show. i performed in 4 car hell driving than I did the Human Torch Run. After the show a few spectators told me they could feel the heat off my burn while they were in the grandstand. The last act that i performed was a single steel wall crash.

Oct 9    (CANCELLED)         A show at Palmer Mass with Doug Danger was rained out but is rescheduled for this Sunday afternoon October 16.

Oct 16   (CANCELLED)        A show at the Sports Bar on Route 20 East of town in Palmer, Mass with the Doug Danger Show. Once again this show has been cancelled because of weather. it has been rescheduled for Sunday November 6 at the same location.

Oct 22   (CANCELLED)      A performance with KSR MOTORSPORTS in Milford, PA at the Best Western motel off I-84 just over the NY / PA line. The show has been cancelled because of wet grounds and the forecast of more rain fir the area on Friday and Saturday.

Nov 6   (CANCELLED)       A show at Palmer Mass with Doug Danger which was rescheduled from October 16 for the same location on Route 20 East of Town.