LINCOLN 3/22/11

Once again the Town Of Lincoln is trying to get rid of me. For years it was my junk autos (vehicles that was props for the thrill show). Eventually I had to set them up as actual stunts which was considered art to keep them. The town didn't like it even when my land is zoned commercial.

After years of being up, I finally took them down in 2010 as I was tired of them. In this time period none of the town officials noticed they were gone after much bally-who.

A year has past, now the Town Of Lincoln has taken my property and I have 30 days left to pay them $2462 for back taxes as of 2/22/11 when the town council brought this up at their town council meeting. At this meeting which I was never noticefied of only 1 year tax had matured which is $800+ but they said in the noticed they need everything paid in full. To make matters worse it took the Treasurer a month to send me a letter of what they did and now that leaves me 30 days to come up with the full amount to pay to get my property back or it will be put up for bid. This I feel is just another way to get rid of me when they could not before with the art. I made an offer for payment but they feel it's not enough. 

In the mean time I have to place insurance on the property to cover what they claim is now their property which will cost me more money to line big business pocket when this amount could go for the taxes. I had a meeting with the Treasurer and she came right out and said I should sell the property and move into a Senior Housing so I pay more out and own nothing.

I get $526 a month in Social Security retirement and the State Of Maine takes 50% of this, it leaves very little to live on, $263 for a month. Now take in lights, phone, heat, car insurance and repairs, etc. Plus taxes which keeps going up every year. What is left?

For 45 years, I have givin my life to the Traveling Thrill Shows in the outdoor Amusement Industry and have nothing to show for it and the Town wants what I have left in 30 days. This is very depressing. I havn't been sleeping much since I received this notice. It is possible to snap any day the way I feel.

I have tried to survive performing and to find work for the winters. The problem is I'm over 60 and no one wants to hire an older inexperience person. To top things off when they ask about what I have done for work, they see you don't stay all year as I leave every summer to perform for 45 years. These employers claim your not realiable because of what I do for an occupation. For the past few years the unemployment has been so high there is no jobs open. When there is an opening these employers look at you and discriminate against you without saying a word.

2009 was a bad year, but 2010 was the worse year that I have ever had with the number of shows I performed. Fairs don't want to pay for shows, some race tracks has cut back because of the economy, others are using local amateurs which they don't pay, if they do it's not much. Other so called performers are just screwing the business in their performances. The big shows are cutting back or folding as their dates are dewindling as their cost has sky rocketed with state regulations, insurance companies and fuel cost and the fairs don't have the money. Just to justify what I am saying a few years, I have paid over $1,000 per year just in tolls for 1 car.  Most will never notice tolls as they don't travel long distances.

The thrill show business is dying in the US because owners don't want to change their shows plus cheaper produced shows like demo derbies, truck and tractor pulls, local country acts and bicycle and motorcycle stunt shows don't have all the regulations so they cost less. Even today no one knows what a real thrill show is as everyone says they are a show when they do just 1 act. Entertainment buyers don't even know what they are buying and Sellers don't care what they sell or how to discribe what they are selling.

My life is just about gone as I have nothing to show for my dedication and NO ONE to fall back on or help me out.


Crash Moreau's

Junk Yard Art

Has Gone 2010

The Steel Wall Stands tall in the Winter Snows. In 3 years the Wall has not moved  even with 50+mph wind gusts. After being set up for over 8 years Crash has sold his Junk Yard Art that was set up in Lincoln, ME  Believe it or not it was a job to pull down the single wall. When the car came down it was with a thud.

The last car still standing and finally removed on May 4th with a tremendous thud on it's roof.

It's finally gone, an empty space once again.

The last car from my Torpedo Act waits for removal.

The last 2 cars from all my Junk Yard Art along with my old snowmobile jump sled is ready to leave.

After 8 years of being set up in my yard I finally sold my art work. I was finally tired of seeing them set-up and they were getting real rusty and need a good paint job so I and only I decided to sell them. I did not make a killing on them but I did get a lot more than if I would have done it earlier, when the Town wanted me to get rid of them. But I can always invent more art if need be. For now I only have memories of my art.

The view of the new back-yard where the steel wall was set up for over 8 years without blowing over or falling down and no fluids leaked out after it was set up.

This is the front-yard area where the Torpedo was set up for years. Now the area look so empty without my art set-up.



Town Of Lincoln, Maine


 Jim Moreau

A few years ago the State Legislature passed a law that prohibits anybody to have more than two unlicenced automobiles on their property unless they get a junk yard or repair shop / storage license at a cost and a lot of red tape and regulations.
 My feelings on this subject is that because of my business of using used vehicles in my stunt performances that everything on my property is usuable in my performances. This includes my unlicensed automobiles. Also I feel I am not a junk yard as I don't by and sell junk cars for a profit nor do I sell parts off these vehicles.  I only use them in my business of performing stunts. But the law has no exceptions for business like the profession that I am in, or other types of businesses that uses unlicensed vehicles on private property example of logging contractors or farm  vehicles.  Futher more the property that the town calls a junk yard is zoned for commercial business and I use it as my home base for storage of my props along with my legal residence.

To make matters worse the State Of Maine mandates you to have insurance on all vehicles before you reguister them. This means that to own more than 2 unlicenced vehicles you must pay an insurance company at least $200 plus dollars per vehicles than another $60 plus dollars to reguister these cars. Than the state can get their $25 per car and the towns can get their excise tax money. (A law to make a for-profit company extra money) is this the way Maine has to do things?

Two years ago I took 5 of my vehicles and made two full size replicas of my stunts on my property and to me this is an artisticlal expression to what I do for a living. If I needed, I could take them down and use them in a live performance as they are still usable for these stunts. But our Town Manager has told his code-enforcement people to clean up the town of automobile junk yards. There is no exceptions. So I have been informed that they will have to come down and be given away to a licensed junk dealer (if I am lucky maybe I will be given $20 for each vehicle that I own) so they can make a profit on them.

This is were I will stand up, to fight a law that makes certain companys bigger profits while a small time person can not even own there own business or personnal property with out someone else OK-ing if you can. In my case who pays for this? The taxpayers of  Lincoln who already pay high taxes, now the Town Manager wants to waste more money on a legal battle against a small time person who really can not pay for a high priced attorney to fight for his rights to own property he has bought over the years and still has value to his occupattion.

 "The American way of life you don't own anything."  as stated by the US Supreme Court that says you have to give your property to big business.


This is a picture of my front yard that has a full size set up of my famous Torpedo Crash. This set up has been up for 2 years and now the new code enforcement officer has said I need to take it down as it is junk as all the fluids are still in the cars. As of two years later, there has not been one leak in these cars that can contaminate the ground around this monument.

But 50 Feet away at the railroad station, the ground is saturated with diesel fuel from parking the train engines for long period of times over the years. Than the road crew covers the oil with stones so no body can see the contamination to the ground.  But this is all right for a big business with co-orp attorneys to fight the town on a level playing field.

Another view of my full size Torpedo Crash, to me a monument of being the first American Stuntman to perform this wild car crash.

This is an up close picture of The Torpedo Crash, you can see that it is keeped up with mulch around the bottom with flowers to make it look attractive.

From the main highway you can look down and see a Steel Wall Set up for another piece of art. I was the first American Stuntman to perform this stunt and feel that I should get some credit of what I have done so far in the business. The biggest problem that the code enforcement has when he came sneaking around my land. Is that he found a little transmission fluid on the ground which leaked out when we set the car up and he now figures that it is leaking all the time as it has been up for two years. He also feels that there is a safety issue as it may fall down, but I feel it is safe as it has hardley moved in the two years that it has been standing up. The only time that it could move is in the spring when the ground is soft. This car has been standing in wind speeds of over 50mph that has hit the area many times in the past 2 years and has not moved when everything else has blown around. So is it safe? He also told the local newspaper that it was supported with wood when there is also steel poles holding it up. The wood is their to make it authentic looking. By the way it does need a paint job and landscaping around the bottom.