A Kamakazee Death Drop of 65 feet was performed for the first time in the US with a female (Shirley Jones) in the driver seat of a stock automobile at the Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, NY. by the Thrillmaster's Stunt Team.

The impact of a semi-truck school bus steel wall crash performed in September 2010 with stunt driver Crash Moreau at the OCFS in New York.

More pictures can be found from the 2010 season on facebook.


Lou "The Rocket" Re performed his first auto crash along with stunt performer Justin "Wrongway" Belinger on the Thrillmaster's Show produced and co-ordinated by Crash Moreau

A firerry explosion on impact from the Redneck Motorhome Crash.

The Kamikazee Death Drop Car hangs around the race track for 24 hours prior to the drop of a member of the Thrillmasters Stunt Show. Great publicity.

A double school bus steel wall set-up in the back ground at the Valley of Speed. The sucker truck driven by Crash Moreau in the front will drive into these 2 busses.

The Torpedo Set-up of 7/9 at the Monster Truck Show at Spud Speedway in Caribou, Maine. This stunt was performed by Crash  Moreau.

Crash Moreau's Set up  for the Bowling Ball Steel Wall Crash at Spud Speedway's Monster Truck Show on July 10

First time a pick-up truck performs a steel wall crash while towing a camper. The driver was Crash Moreau and opened the evening of crashing during Thompson Speedway's Annual Eve of Destruction on May 30th.


photo by Cliff Moon

The Steel Wall flips over the pick-up and takes out the shell of the trailer

photo by Cliff Moon


Crash Moreau takes off in his Police Cruiser in a divebomber crash that was suppose to be side by side.

Photo by: Keepsake Photos

The other member of this duo-crash could not keep up and barely made it to the second car of the line of cars.

Photos by Keepsake Photo

Both cars finally land close to the middle of the line of junk cars.

Photo by: Keepsake Photo

 America's 1st Shool Bus Steel Wall Crash or as some call it Submarine Domino performed by a member of Crash Moreau's Stunt Show.

Photo by: Keepsake Photos

Photos by: Keepsake Photos

These two pictures was taken of the Double Trailer Trash of a car performed by a member of Crash Moreau's Thrillmasters Stunt Show

Photo by: Keepsake Photos

Photo by: Keepsake Photos


Our season has not begun as of the middle of March. As you can see we are still covered in many of inches of the white stuff on the ground. Just think SUN SHINE.

Our first show of the year was at the fairgrounds of Brockton, Mass for the filming of CMT-TV's (Hell Drivers). Here are some candid shots of the show from May. (photos by crash)

Lou "The Rocket" Re and Daredevil Doug Klang walking down one of the motorcycle landing ramps.

Crash Moreau and the film crew that was covering him.

Some of the Doug Danger crew fom left to right: Baboon, forgot his name, Justin Wrongway, Mayor Bob from Ohio.

The set up of Crash Moreau's Bowling Ball Steel Wall Crash or Arrowhead.

After the Steel Wall Crash the wrecked cars was moved into the infield and here is what they looked like.


Hi flying parts fly off the impact of Crash Moreau's Steel Wall Crash.

Crash Moreau takes a bow to the audience after performing the Steel Wall Crash. You can see some of the film crew filming the action.

The Car Explosion Car

As the car burns he comes out of the car on fire

Lou "The Rocket" Re and Doug Danger Senecal performs the feature of the show a jump over a monster truck in opposing directions.

Prior to the performance Mercury Morgan and Crash Moreau talks while walking down the track.

Daredevil Doug Klang from California the announcer talks to the great daredevil bicycle jumper and former circus performer Mercury Morgan.

A look at the Bowling Ball Steel Wall Crash with the Car Explosion Car in the background.

 A test drop of a van prior the Kamakize Death Drop at Outlaw Motor Speedway in Wainwright, Ok

On the right the speeding car dropping from the 80+ foot mark is just about ready to hit the impact zone.

On impact an explosion went off.

After two car explosions at the Albany / Saratoga Speedway in Malta, NY this is what the car looked like. It was Captain Explosion aka Crash Moreau performing the act.

Scene here is 3 daredevils together at Thompson International Speedway in CT. From left to right is Crash Moreau, Chris Morena and Justin Wromgway Bellinger.

Crash Moreau hitting the side of a camper trailer at Thompson International Speedway. A different crash as they wanted Crash to come out the side instead of straight thru it.

Crash landing on his side after hitting the camper.

Crash taking his bow after  getting out of the car.

The biggest crowd ever on a Tuesday night at the Valley for the Eve Of Destruction. Look at the bus standing straight up. What an awsume site as you come into the grandstand area.

The semi-truck that eventually will drive under the standing school bus. One of the biggest and best looking stunts executed by the Thrillmasters Stunt Show. (A first for an American and the World Stunt performers)

Also on the show at the Valley was ledgiondary Doug Rose and his Green Mamba jet car.

SEPT 9th  Rutland, Vermont Pictures


Pictured here is the car that I performed in at the Vermont State Fair. You can see the gasoline cans that I used in the act that was heard over a mile from the fairgrounds.

Rich Blackburn along with Rolf his crew chief of the monster truck VIPER.

Doug Danger being interviewed by Steve of WCAX CBS's Channel 3 of Burlington, VT during the KSR pit party prior to the performance at Rutland.

Driver of Big Foot Rick Long having his picture taken with a few monster truck fans at the Vermont State Fair in Rutland.

Driver of Towmater, Jeff Bursey talking on the cel during the Pit Party of KSR. Jeff is one great announcer and one of only a few monster truck drivers who does reverse crushes.

Ray Ray Quad and Britney Fox, quad stunt performers for KSR during the Pit Party in Rutland.

A picture of Danny Bones performing his specialty of the Suicidal Drag. In this photo he is being pulled on the quad by Guido the Torpedo.

Pictured to my left is my car with the two acts we were doing in the background on Sept 19th at the Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, NY

The first act of the night was trashing this RV.

These were the two cars that  Justin Wrongway and I was driving later in the evening. This would be a first side by side RV Trashing.

These two pictures shows what is left of the RV after we crashed and set it on fire.

Later in the evening Crash Moreau drove this semi truck into a 72 passenger school bus. A school bus domino crash with the largest trailer to drive into the largest school bus to be set up for this act.

This picture is the school bus standing up straight with the semi truck placed on one side while the escavader reaches out to support the bus from falling down during the race card.

After crashing into the bus this is what happened. As you can see the front of the trailer was not touched. That is how high the school bus went into the air before coming off the side and hitting the Jersey barrier.

You can see footage of this act on You Tube


Than  type in (big truck vs big school bus) than click search

Some photos and info on this page curtesy