One of the biggest stunts for 2007 was performed at the Labanon Valley Speedway in June of flying a wrecker while towing a pink caddie during Crash Moreau's Thrillmaster Stunt Spectacular. On take-off the begginning of the fiery explosion set off by Crash Moreau.

A big surprise happened when Crash went to the  Garden Brothers Circus in Lowell, Mass on March 20. Who did Crash run across, non- other than retired thrill show owner,  producer and stuntman from Ontario Canada Walt Williams who he has known for more than 35 years.Walt has built one of the quickest set-ups of an extreme motorcycle jumping landing ramps that I have seen which is used in the circus for this years featured act.

Some of Crash Moreau's stunt equipment and JUNK-YARD ART buried in the Winter Snow of 2007.

Crash leaps his car into the side of this Dodge Motorhome in Thompson CT on the Sunday before Memorial Day.

Later during the night Crash blew this car up at Thompson while he was in it and came out on fire.

Crash performed a flaming variation of his Steel Wall Crash with fire at the Airborne Speedway on July 5th

During the Night Of Destruction at the Airborne Speedway Crash performed his Torpedo Crash with only 2 hours sleep from performing the night before in Ona, West Virginia.

This is the explosion at Route 66 Raceway in Jolitte, Illinois of Captain Explosion. 

Check out the hood as it flew off from the explosion. Look how high the flames shot into the air.

With the flames roaring Captain Explosion is still inside of the car.

He's coming out of the burning car on fire.

 on Fire

One of the newest acts that I have seen was Kount Kennedy and his creamatorium ride. I personnally think this is a much better act than jet car burns. The Kount was on the same bill as we were at Route 66 this year. You can see me in the back ground with the yellow shirt.

Draco the dinosaur takes a nap in the infield of the Lake Erie Speedway prior to the evening performance of car eating with Meg-a-saurus

Lou The Rocket Re performing a solid wooden barrier firewall crash for the Thrillmaster's at Lake Erie Speedway

The Rocket Re jumps ramp to ground over 2 burning cars at the Lake Erie Speedway for Crash Moreau's Thrillmaster in June 2007.

The famous Rocket Man gets ready to fly off this flatbed truck at the Route 66 Raceway. This is very impressive as he flies over the spectators with only a jet pack on his back.

Up, Up and away like a bird as the Rocketman flies.

 Mike West takes off in his jet quad at the Lake Erie Speedway. Mike and Crash has worked many shows together over the years.

Mike takes it easy in his jet recliner.

Mike takes a ride in his jet jeep during the night and later burns up a car with this jeep.

The Barrel Crash set-up at Lake Erie. There was 20 barrels piled up.

 Crash Moreau's famous barrel crash during the Night of Destruction at the Lake Erie Speedway. This is a very popular and exciting stunt if done properly with lots of barrels and gasoline.

The triple steel wall crash set-up during the day at Lake Erie Speedway

This is where the third car landed in the 3 car steel wall crash that Crash Moreau attempted at Lake Erie Speedway. As you can see there was not much room for Crash in the front seat of the bottom car.

This was the car that jumped 50 feet thru the air in a divebomber stunt at Lake Erie Speedway with the Thrillmasters Stunt Extravaganzer. On impact the boat was launched thru the air landing down the track.

This truck is probally the biggest street legal jet in the World which is from Wisconsin.. This truck literally melts cars down to nothing. Crash has worked with this truck many times in the years, but this time it had a new driver as the owner was with his other trucks and outhouse at an Air Show.

Mike West had Megasaurus eating crushed cars along with its competitor Draco the dragon. Another first for Lake Erie Speedway. When you have two dinosaurs the show is 100% better than just one.

At the Fairmont Raceway in Fairmont MN you can see the car that will explode later in the night with Captain Explosion.

At the I-35 Speedway in Mason City, Iowa, the signs says it all. As alot of drivers constanally complain about the racing.

Pictured here is Rocky Hardcore and Arno Selberg who drove over 500 miles to see Crash Moreau perform this week-end. Arno is a stunt performer from Rapid City, SD. What was going to be a 2 day week-end turned out to be a 3 day journey as we performed 3 different stunts in 3 days at 3 different tracks.

Pictured here is Rocky Hardcore on the left, Chad Van Dyke in the middle and Crash Moreau on the right. Chad is the owner of the Thrill Show Museum in LaPorte City, Iowa.

This is a picture of  Justin Wrongway from Palmer, Ma who came over to the Lebannon Valley Speedway to help Crash out with their stunts. Later in the fall Wrongway performed the Human Battering Ram with Doug Danger at a show in Rhode Island.

The set-up of a triple steel wall crash at the Lebannon Valley Speedway in Lebannon, NY.
This stunt was later performed by Crash Moreau.

Bobby Cox, AKA Hot Rod the clown sits on his mini monster before the racing begins at the Lebanon Speedway. Crash has been on the bill at the Speedway with Hot Rod for many years.

A discussion is going on between the White Elvis and Hot Rod during the program at the Valley. In the back-ground you can see the Thrillmasters giant ramp and the capacity crowd that comes to this yearly event Night Of Destruction.

The featured stunt of the night will be taking this wrecker off the giant dirt ramp while towing Elvis's pink Caddie which will be on fire. 

My jungle buddy, King Kong Knievel, jumping over some extra large bananas at the Franklin County Fairs standing room only grandstand in Malone, NY

After the big banana jump he rides off into the sunset of Jungle -Land before the animal control officers arrive.

Crash Moreau, aka Captain Explosion, explodes his car during the KSR Monster Truck Show at the Franklin County Fair in Malone, NY. Look how big the explosion is with Crash in side of the car.

After the explosion, Crash runs out and down the track while on fire. He is about to arrive to a fireman who will put him out.

Crash getting out of the Mustang to take his bow after driving in 4 car precission hell driving at the performance of the Imperial Stunt Drivers  at the Lawrence County Fair in Proctorville, Ohio.

In the back ground you can see Crash helping to set up the Flaming Aerial Boardwall Crash while Ziggy the clown gets ready to do the slide for life.

Two of the Stars of the Imperial Stunt Drivers just after the autograph signing party. It's no other than Ziggy and Crash.