This page is all about my 2006 Tour


Crash meets Minnesota's own NINE TOES in June at Garden City Minn

9 Toes sets record for the number of Flaming Barriers Crashed on a motorcycle at Garden City

Doug "9 Toes" Marble broke his record of 9 flaming barriers by crashing thru 10 at Garden City, Minn in june 2006

Crash Moreau performed a Torpedo Crash just before 9 Toes sets his record run.




Crash Moreau performed a Torpedo Crash at Lake Erie Speedway with his Thrillmaster Stunt Team of Lou (The Rocket Re) and Rocky Hardcore.


Lou (The Rocket) RE performing his second elevated fire jumpfor Crash Moreau's Thrillmasters at Lake Erie Speedway.


A divebomber crash performed at Lake Erie for the THRILLMASTERS.

Crash has been on the same program with HOT ROD the clown at Lebanon Speedway  for the past 3 years.

Crash Moreau hits a Flaming Steel Wall than crashes into a Flaming Swinging Door on a muddy track at Lebanon Valley Speedway.

A car explosion at Lebanon Speedway for Crash Moreau's Thrillmasters


The safety crew is putting out the Thrillmaster stuntman after the burn. In the right side of the photo is camera man (Peter) from Award Productions shooting footage of the stunt for a documentary on Hell Drivers.

Thrillmasters Stunt Team driver jumped over 55 feet with this Motor Home while towing a boat and trailer off a 7 foot high dirt pile.

2006 Feature Stunt at Lebanon Valley Speedway Night of Destruction is the flite of a Motor Home towing a boat and trailer. This stunt was co-ordinated by Crash Moreau.

The stunt driver taking off for an areial ride in his RV during the Crash Moreau's Thrillmasters Stunt Spectacular.

The landing of the Motor Home jump at Lebanon Vally with a firery explosion on take-off.

Film crew from Award Productions of Bellrica, Mass who is producing a documentary on Hell Drivers does an interview with Crash Moreau in front of his junk yard art at his Jim's home in Lincoln, Maine. From left to right: Darrin, Crash, Peter.

Justin Wrong Way Belanger from Palmer, Mass meets Crash at Thompson Int'l Speedway on the Memorial Day Weekend

Placement of the 2 camper trailers for the School Bus Double Trailer Trash by Crash Moreau (The THRILLMASTER).

Crash Moreau's School Bus Double Camper Trailer Trash at Thompson International Speedway in CT.

Mini school bus headed to campers.

A firery explosion on impact of the bus hitting the camper tailers.

School bus landing after smashing trailers.

Crash Moreau performs his famous Torpedo Crash at Ransomville Speedway.

On July 3rd at Ransomville Speedway, the Thrillmaster Stunt Team took a junk automobile and crashed thru a camper trailer.

You can see the car has exited the fiery explosion after flying thru the motor home.

A triple Steel Wall set up at Raceway 66 in Joliette, Ill which was performed by Crash Moreau.
(picture from midwestmonsters.com website)

CAPTAIN EXPLOSION'S Dynamite Car performed at Joliette, Ill on the Thrillmasters Stunt Spectacular.

Dynamite Car is engulfed in flames. Captain Explosion is still in side of the burning automobile.

Captain Explosion emerges from the flaming car and is literly becomes a human torch.

Captain Explosion for tonites stunt performance was performed by Rocky Hardcore under the trademark name owned by Crash Moreau.

(Pictures of car explosion from midwestmonsters.com)

One of the many crash cars Crash used this season. This car was used for 2 stunts at the Ransomville Speedway in NY on July 3rd. Crash is getting ready to perform the torpedo crash in the back ground.

A thrillmaster stunt performer driving a full size garbage truck off a 10 foot high dirt pile in Eagle, Nebraska.

The Thrillmasters took a used Garbage Truck and jumped off this 10 foot high dirt pile. This act was set-up by Crash Moreau. You can see the flames in the hopper of the truck as it leaves the jump.

The landing was rough as it landed and rolled onto the drivers side of the garbage truck.

The after looks of the Fly N HI Garbage Truck from the jump at Eagle, Nebraska



Setting up for the Garbage Truck Jump in Eagle Speedway in Eagle Nebraska.

Look how big the pile of dirt for the ramp was. It was over 8 feet high.




The Torpedo Crash performed by Crash at Eagle Speedway

A Triple Steel Wall Crash performed by Crash at Eagle Speedway.

A Thrillmaster stunt performer, performing the Flaming Hardcore Steel Wall Crash at Eagle Speedway with the Thrillmasters.

Cars flipping as it hits the Hardcore Steel Wall


Crash was followed to the THRILL SHOW MUSEUM in LaPorte City, Iowa by the documentary film crew from Award Productions of Mass who is doing a documentary on HELL DRIVERS.

Here you see Peter of Award Productions filming in front of Chad Van Dyke's Thrill Show Museum in LaPorte City, Iowa. Crash Moreau's car is parked in front of the museum.

In August I sent Hot Rod Productions posters, bumper stickers, and t-shirts of the THRILLMASTERS for use in there production being filmed in Vancouver BC.

I went to the World's Fair in Tunbridge Vermont. The local radio station personnality (standing) was interviewing the person sitting in the chair (live on the air).


A monster truck takes to trashing a trailer at the Night of Fire along with the Thrillmasters stunt presentation.

Crash Moreau performs a Swinging Door Steel Wall Crash during the races at Airbourne Speedway.

A Pryimid Crash set up at Plattsburg, NY

People say "WHEN PIGS FLY!!!"  I quess they havn't seen diving pigs.

The line up of Mustangs for the Imperial Hell Drivers Show in Rochester, NH